Government Relations


We help you navigate the complex maze of governmental regulation and educate public officials about your business. Our Government Relations team works with state and local governments on permitting, regulation, procurement and legislative advocacy.

If your business is regulated by Government, and just about every business is in some way, having a strong government relations team is essential. Education and advocacy are at the core of Government Relations. Our team advocates in the public policy arena where we educate our clients about the governmental process and effects of current and proposed legislation. Equally as important, we educate policy makers about our clients and the effect that legislation can have on their business.

Developing and implementing a strategic Government Relations strategy is no simple task. Such a strategy will often include many integrated elements, such as: legal analysis and action, education, lobbying, regulatory and legislative interpretation, grass roots and grass tops engagement and public relations, and so on. Our team can help.

KMFY uses its experience to provide ongoing value and practical solutions when such needs arise (and they always do). While we have the sophistication and skillset to provide the essential advice when negotiating and drafting documents, we believe that this is just the beginning. We view our relationships with our clients as business partnerships. Having the sophistication and experience of attorneys typical of big law firms while still maintaining the type of attention to detail and collaborative environment found in a small firm environment, KMFY strives to provide its client’s with the best of both worlds.

  • Direct Lobbying
  • Strategic Planning
  • Legislative Analysis
  • Bill Drafting
  • Monitoring
  • Education
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Grass Roots Development
  • Media Relations
  • Association Management
  • Regulatory Interpretation
  • Contracts and Procurement
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Direct Lobbying
  • Strategic Communication
  • Utility Agreements
  • Tax Incentive Packages
  • Agency Decision and Appeals
  • Licensing
  • Rulemaking Process
  • Judicial Review
  • Enforcement
  • Regulatory Filings
  • Compliance
  • Election Law